3D Zombie Field Archery


‘Arizen Archery’
Can you survive…?

The dead have risen and spread a zombie plague throughout the world. Survivors have taken refuge at Fairburn and so far have not been infected. However reports have come in that our Zombie Response Team has gone missing in action and there is no-one left to defend the survivors.

Recruited into an elite squad, you will be enlisted to carry out the deadly mission of investigating what happened to the team and stopping a potential breakout. Remember the undead are activated by noise so you will need to be trained in how to use the silent bow and arrow to dispatch them.



Defend the barn from waves of the infected before you are over-run. Time Limit Applies.
Suitable for the Beginner Archer




There are survivors trapped in an outpost surrounded by the undead. Dispatch them as quickly as possible before they break in.

Suitable for the Intermediate Archer


Zombie Response Team

The infected have been spotted at the top of the hill. They must be stopped at all costs. Remember head shots only.
Suitable for a Skilled Archer




  • This activity is suitable for age 16+
  • The session will last for 2.5 hours and contain 1 hour of Target Archery Training followed by 1 hour of 3D Zombie Field Target Archery.
  • All equipment is supplied and you will be supervised by a fully qualified instructor throughout the session