10329286_828546643824550_4594281280006620148_nEver wanted to learn how to light a fire with just a spark or build a shelter with nothing but what is around you?

Then come and join one of our half day bushcraft sessions.

Our instructors who have over 20 years experience in teaching all these skills both in the Scout association and the RAF, will guide you through your experience.

10376333_802265503119331_5527456652632408938_nSet in 80 acres of woodland you will forage for all the materials you will need then be guided through the stages of making a good fire and shelter.

You can then discuss your experiences with a cup of tea and a marsh mallow.

You will also learn a great deal about the environment we live in and all the different habitats found in the woods.

In addition to this our team can also set up different survival scenarios for you to try, which also will call on your first aid skills as well.

More Info:

  • Minimum Age – 8 Years Old
  • Maximum group size per instructor – 12