Climbing & Abseiling

Rock Climbing – the art of climbing up, down and across a natural rock face.
Our Rock Climbing & Abseiling Sessions take place on a naturally formed rock faces just a short distance from our activity centre.

994895_676948532317696_1022023780_nHere at Fairburn, we offer Taster Sesions which we have designed specifically for those with little or no experience and just want to ‘have a go’ and learn the basics of Rock Climbing & Abseiling – ideal for both kids and adults.

Once kitted up with your harness and helmet, you will be ready to climb under the supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor.

First you will be shown the technique of traversing & bouldering.

This will involve moving sideways along the wall, just a few centimetres off the ground, teaching you to look carefully at hand and foot placements. Once warmed up and the simple skills mastered you will be ready to put them to the test and try the climb.

abseiling2As your confidence builds, it wont be long before you find yourself reaching the top, scaling heights you never thought possible and feeling on top of the world!.
Abseiling, the art of descending a rope!

Starting at the top of the crag you will have the chance to abseil down the rock face – nice and slow at first…but with more and more practice, you will soon be abseiling down in two or three big bounds!

Throughout the Sessions, your instructor will coach you every step of the way, building your confidence and developing your techniques.

This will enable you to climb heights you would not have foreseen and will arm you with the skills and understanding to continue and progress further in the future!

We believe rock climbing and abseiling are vital and dynamic parts of mountaineering and therefore ensure that the teaching is of the highest standard.

More Info:

  • Minimum Age – 8 Years Old
  • No. of Participants Per Instructor – 10