Outdoor Activities

Get involved in outdoor activities. Fairburn has over 20 years of providing Outdoor experiences. Whether you are looking for a break travelling along North Coast 500 or looking to escape the city we have something to do with your family, friends or colleagues we have activities to suit!

The Centre provides a range of outdoor activities (on and off-site) which can be tailored your specific needs and requirements of your group.

Adventure activities are activities that take you on a journey, out of your comfort zone and exposed to the natural changing environs that Scotland has to offer. Adventure activities will take you off-site, exploring the local area, whether that is climbing local rocks, paddling down local rivers, walking tour to the top of Ben Wyvis or getting some air time down the strathpuffer.

Fun activities are activities will stretch your comfort zone and ensures FUN for everyone. Fun activities are based on-site at Fairburn. Activities at Fairburn

Off-Site Activities


    1. Canoeing – Join us for a variety of local trips, paddling on open water at various locations including Loch Achilty. We also provide river trips, whether you are looking for a slow & smooth trip or would like to test something faster, we will guide you.

    1. Climbing and Abseiling – Test your limits or find out you’ve nae limits! We will take you to local crags renowned for some of the best abseiling, climbing & bouldering within the locality.

    1. Hill Walking – We have over numerous walks in and around the centre and if you are into bagging Munros, we are the ideal base to travel to and access many. For 2019/2020 we will be providing an introduction to winter walking.

    1. Mountain Biking – In close proximity to the famous Strathpuffer, not far from Learnie Red Rocks and less than an hour from Golspie downhill we are central for some of the Highlands best. We have various local minor trails also available with or without bike hire, with or without guide.

On-Site Activities


    1. Archery – Whether you are a budding Robin Hood or Merida? Archery is a great way to spend an hour or two with family & friends alike. Individual or group lessons available.

    1. Bubble Football – Is a fun alternative to the game. Strapped into a one-man zorb, you can barge your way to the opponents goal.

    1. Crate Stack – The challenge of this activity, is building the crates as high as you can, before falling or jumping off. How high will you go? Will you beat our instructors top score?

    1. Canoeing – If the idea of paddling on open water or down a river is not for you, we have a sheltered water area to canoe on. It is ideal for families with young children.

    1. Jacobs Ladder – Climb high into the forest canopy & check out the views from the top. What will you see?

    1. Lazertag – Is a great activity to spend the afternoon running around the woods. Join us for classic games such as capture the flag, hostage rescue & free for all.

    1. Mini Highland Games – Why wait for the summer circuits, take part in your own competition. Toss the caber, weight for height? It’s your very own games. Ideal for competitive groups.

    1. Mini Paintball – Run around the woods, in full camo suits & protective masks. You can add smoke/paint & flash grenades. Join us for classic games such as capture the flag, hostage rescue & free for all.

    1. Orienteering – Improve your map reading skills with our challenging orienteering routes. Explore our forest with our tree-trek orienteering route.

    1. Raft Building – An excellent activity that combines knots, barrels, logs and competitiveness. After you have built your raft get your team on the water we will race around an island.

    1. Walk on Water Balls – Jump inside an inflatable hamster-like ball. The challenge is to stay on your feet, whilst walking on water.

  1. Zorbing – Strap yourself into a large inflatable hamster ball, then you’ll roll down a hill. When will you get there? Will you go straight down or will you veer off to the right or left before being collected at the bottom?