Mini Paintball

mini paintball at Fairburn

Mini Paintball

Mini-paintball birthday party at Fairburn.

Mini Paintball

Mini Paintball at Fairburn

Mini paintball is available for the younger paintball enthusiast.

We utilise the newest paintball technology of low impact paintball shotguns as well as always using high quality fragile paintballs.


From the timid to the brave hearted, everyone can find their own style and throughout their session they will build in confidence, learn to work and communicate with other people to overcome challenges.


All whilst enjoying an unbeatable day of fun in our custom built ‘Fallout’ paintball zone!

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What's Provided?

Pump action paintball guns


combat overalls


Face mask and goggles




What to Bring?


Spare trainers


Change of clothes



Cost Options

The options available are:


1 hour session – £15 per person


Half Day session – £30 per person


Full Day session – £45 per person


Half day sessions include a total of 3 activities and for full day sessions you can choose up to 5 activities.


Private lessons and private group sessions available, please contact us to book.