Raft Building

Barrels, planks, ropes and water are the recipe for a thorough soaking and great fun in this activity and within the sheltered waters of our pond, we have the ideal place to spend a an hour or two raft building!

You’re guaranteed a great session with this activity and it is an ideal team challenge for large groups of adults or children.

Raft Building 2With the aim to build a raft and put it to the test to see if it floats, you will be equipped with buoyancy aids, helmets and paddles, and given a short time to design your raft.

Once your team have agreed on the design, construction can begin with a selection of materials being plastic barrels, poles and not forgetting the all important rope.

The rafts must be big enough and strong enough to carry the whole team in a race around our pond and back to the shore but, how long will you raft last?

Don’t worry if yours earns the name Titanic, the safety marshals will be close by to rescue you and what remains of your raft.

This activity is ideal for all types of groups from families to corporate, with its team building and communication elements and is great for those who have that competitive edge!

More Info:

  • Minimum Age – 8 Years Old
  • No. of Participants Per Instructor – 12