A young climber tackling Jacobs ladder.



Get involved in outdoor activities. Whether you are looking for a break from travelling along North Coast 500 or looking to escape the city for the day, we have activities for you!


We provide a range of outdoor activities based at the centre or in the local area which can be tailored to the specific requirements of your group.


Our instructors will provide a fun and challenging time for everyone!



Outdoor activity duration options available are:


Single on-site activities – 1.5 hours (depending on group size) – £20 per person
A half day of on-site activities – Choose 2 activities – £35 per person
A full day of on-site activities – Choose 4 activities – £55 per person


For off-site prices click on the activities below.


Private group session from 1 hour to a full day of activities
Private individual session from 1 hour to 3 hours

Create your adventure by mixing and matching the classic activities with activities that you haven’t tried yet!


We require a minimum group of 6, to take part in activities. We work on a customer / instructor ratio of 1:12. If you would like to arrange some activities but do not have the minimum group size please get in touch to see what is possible.

We welcome birthday party groups, youth groups including Scouts/Guides, Boys’/Girls’ Brigades and charity groups.  Please note the minimum age is 8 years old for all our activities.


Check out our birthday party flyer, our school residential flyer and our Scout/Guide flyer!!