Crate Stack

kids attempting the crate stack challenge at Fairburn.

Crate Stack

A group of children enjoying crate stacking activity at Fairburn.

Crate Stack at Fairburn

Can you build a tower of crates before they come crashing down? The challenge is at least one team member must be standing at the top of the tower before it topples. The whole team is involved throughout the building and securing of the crates.


Build a tower from a base of two or four depending on how challenging you would like to make it.  Build two individual towers at the same time to see who can get the highest. Once the tower topples, the ground crew run, leaving the climbers dangling in the air.


This is one of our most popular activities and a great family or team building activity.

We Provide







What to Bring?

Comfortable clothing


Long sleeved jumper (hoody)

Activity Options and Costs

1.5 hour session – £20 per person