Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder at Fairburn.

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder at Faiburn

Jacobs Ladder

A young climber tackling Jacobs ladder.

Jacobs Ladder at Fairburn

Jacobs Ladder is another one of the high ropes courses we have available here at Fairburn. This is one of our more physical activities and requires an amount of strength and flexibility.


The challenge is, as you climb higher the space between the rungs increase. Jacobs Ladder is a group favourite and always provides a good laugh.


Jacobs ladder is a great team building activity, where two team members work together to climb as high as they can and the rest of the team will work together holding the ropes and offering encouragement.


Climbers can be lowered to the ground at any time.

We Provide

All climbing safety equipment




What to Bring?

Comfortable clothing


Long sleeved jumper



Activity Options and Costs

1.5 hour session – £20 per person